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Our work



Since 2009, our dancefloors have been sacred spaces for our queer and trans community to celebrate.

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Queer Storytelling

“Queer...” is a qtpoc centered storytelling live event produced in collaboration with Collective Sex. Past events include: Queer Ancestor Stories, Queer Love Magic, Queer Spirit Formation etc.

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The outdoors is a special place to our collective. It’s where we gather our minds, bodies and firewood...lots and lots of firewood. We offer closed and open trips for qtpocs to lean into the infinite space that being outside provides.

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The project that launched our work is a timekeeper, an art project and our first medium for sharing the value of our lives and work. Featuring dozens of models, photographers, producers, and contributors, our calendars are the story of our relationships, passion and work towards visibility.

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Different Gear

We ride out with community. In collaboration with LifeCycle Biking and Bikestyle, we host a collective ride for Black and Brown queers of all biking abilities. Join us.


Bois Days

From family days to sober brunches, Bois Days build relationships, connections and offer the opportunity to gather off of the dancefloor.


Outside the XY

Outside the XY: Queer, Black and Brown Masculinity is an anthology of more than 50 stories, memories, poems, ideas, essays and letters--all examining what it looks like, feels like, and is like to inhabit masculinity outside of cisgendered manhood as people of color in the world. Watch an interview with Morgan, Lead Editor here. Want a copy for yourself? 

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Community Conversations

From community conversations that explore our role in resisting toxic masculinity to articulating the ways we sustain our work in a community-based collective, bbh offers trainings, gatherings and opportunities for our folks to share their perspective, wisdom and work. Want to book us?

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